Public Notice

Hi there,

We’re happy to let you know we’ve moved to This exciting step forward will allow us to offer a better, more integrated experience and solve critical problems for African mothers like never before.

In 2016 alone, 10 million babies were born by Nigerian mothers but only few have access to basic health care. Nowadays, young couples in Africa (average of 20-24 years) are essentially raising children in nuclear families with no support system to fall back on,finding the right professional or hyperlocal local service is extremely tedious because the sector is highly fragmented ; that’s what Babymigo is fixing.

Even though Babymigo app is still in beta, we have made lots of progress in the first 3 weeks of launch with 10,000 unique downloads on play store. We've simplified the previously hard bottlenecks in finding Pediatricians, Obstetricians, and gynecologists, experts and experienced mothers to answer questions relating to pregnancy and parenting in real time.

Since Babymigo’s launch, we’ve been busy integrating and making our new product better. We’ve been busy making new features based on early customer feedbacks, doubled our efforts, and worked hard to make the best parenting and pregnancy product available for all African Mothers. For over last year now, Safermom has been an essential part of the journey of thousands of mothers. Today, we want to make it even better. We're excited about the opportunity the new brand offers and our journey to make parenting as simple as ABC for all Africa mothers.

- Olanrewaju, CEO.