Our Impact

Technology has enabled us to reach out to the under-served. SaferMom is poised to reduce maternal and newborn deaths in Africa.

Our Impact

At Safer mom, we believe providing much-needed vital health information and psychological/social support to pregnant mothers and new moms especially among underserved populations is critical to improving maternal and newborns.

Our recent survey with 1132 active users who responded shows 70% increase in health literacy rate, 58% increase in cases of Show up for immunization/antenatal care and most importantly reduction in maternal and new born deaths.

The problem we’re solving

Every 5 minutes, a pregnant woman dies as a result of preventable causes which can be averted through proper health education, Pregnancy guides ,follow up and antenatal care in Nigeria. About 260,000 newborn lives are also lost yearly in Nigeria alone due to vaccine-preventable causes. Numbers of mothers and Newborn lost in the last decade is larger than the population of France, Germany, Holland all put together.

Many new and expectant mothers lack access to preventive health education; social support services that will help survive harsh and poor economic realities. Most also fail to attend antenatal care thereby increasing childbirth risk and complications by 55 percent. With about 50 % of total population of Nigeria living in low income communities without internet and availability of health workers, there exist no proper communication channels to educate, track, follow up and help disadvantaged pregnant women and mothers live healthier lives and access instant health care access.