How it works

At SaferMom, we believe in partnership that works.

SaferMom for Partners

SaferMom mobile messaging platform allows Clinics, NGOs, Hospitals, Government agencies anywhere in the world to send automated, interactive and engaging conversations via text, mobile surveys and voice services to thousands of mothers they serve.
Use our evidence-based software platform and preventive health care contents to educate, track, and empower your targeted subscribers.


This could be the beginning of an amazing relationship with all mothers.

No need for tech experience

No installation

Start in minutes

Easy to use

Affordable plans

Powerful cloud systems

Powerful Tech Platform


This allows organizations to easily communicate with large groups of mothers in any language. Detailed statistics are measured to tell you how your messages are being received.

  • Easily sign in with your unique ID, add staff details and use our dashboard
  • Conduct a public health awareness campaign every week.
  • Send SMS and pre recorded voice messages to pregnant /nursing mothers to remind them about checkups and vaccinations.
  • Automate and schedule all messages.
  • Access mother’s response and know who heard the messages using our Robust reporting for engagements.
  • Easily upload csv or Excel files according to mother’s Groups using our Powerful Contact management


Our mobile survey tool allows organizations to easily conduct surveys with the mothers they serve using flexible and affordable plans.

  • See survey results in real time on our dashboard.
  • Monitor progress with text auto replies with mothers. Mothers send a text keyword and the system automatically reply with your already specified information
  • Easily export survey results in a spreadsheet for further analysis.
  • Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to retrieve information asking mothers to press keys to retrieve information: e.g., "Press 1 to learn about child health", and "Press 2 to learn about breast feeding.


Our call-in tool enables easy flow between community health workers and their target mothers irrespective of their location provided they have a basic phone and the language they speak.

  • Your target audience can access a huge flow of educative messages, partake in a mobile survey, or get connected to a health worker at the press of a button.
  • Pregnant mothers can access a variety of services 24/7 a week in their local language

Who Uses Our Platform?

Government Agencies



Corprate Organisations



What You Can Do With Our Platform

Send/Receive Messages And Voice Services

Timely Reminders/ Appointments

Promote Health Behaviour

Send Surveys And Collect Data

Health Monitor/Drug Adherence

Pregnancy Follow Up

Disperse Emergency Information

Data Collection