For Mothers

We heard you love your baby, you’re in the right place.

Every mother and baby counts

SaferMom provides you with timely and regular medically approved SMS and voice services to help you improve your health and baby’s health.

You will receive SMS contents at least twice a week or a voice call once in a week depending on the option you choose while registering. This messages include pregnancy follow up, parenting tips, common symptoms, child health care tips, nutrition guides, sexual and reproductive rights, family planning tips, clinic reminders as well as immunization reminders and more on your phone.

"Your timely and well structured SMS alerts have been one of the best things that happened to me and my husband..."
Mrs Adebimpe Williams
(Expectant Mother)

How To Register?


You can easily register by clicking the button below (Preferred)


For Pregnant Mothers

Send Pregnant (Space) First Name (Space) Second Name (Space) Phone (Space) Expected Date of Delivery (DD/MM/YYY) (Space) Mode of delivery (Space) State

e.g Pregnant Olumide Michael 09030303030 12/08/2017 SMS Lagos


0905 959 5959

For New Mothers

Send NewMom (Space) First Name (Space) Second Name (Space) Phone (Space) Child's Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYY) (Space) Mode of delivery (Space) Location

e.g NewMom Latifa Michael 09030303030 12/08/2017 VOICE Ibadan


0905 959 5959

*Network Charges apply

Sample Messages

“Do you know Breast feeding your baby for at least a period of one year will make her smarter, less prone to diseases and grow optimally? Feed her regularly!”

“Congratulations on your new born baby. Make sure you report excessive blood flow if noticed after discharge from hospital to your doctor”

“Your nutrition during pregnancy can affect your baby's health. Avoid alcohol and take proteinous foods such as moin-moin, fish, meat. Ensure you reduce your fat intake"

“Your pregnancy is 7 month old today. Kindly avoid any strenuous activities from now onwards and always call for help when you need it.”

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At every step with you and your baby


Receive timely and carefully structured messages throughout foetal developmental stages in any local Language of preference.


Receive Regular child health care and nutrition guides to help you and your baby grow healthier and optimally.


Track and ensure that you and your child are reminded of the next routine vaccination schedule at and when due.


Tailored messages to improve and ensure high hygiene culture during antenatal and postnatal stages.


As the need for gender equality and reproductive rights strives, especially in emerging economies, Safermom provides you with the contents that help you know your right as a mother.


Give timely referrals to the nearest care provider, clinics or basic primary health care centers.


Receive timely messages that will help you and your family plan and decide the numbers of child you hope to raise.


Be the first to know about disease outbreaks, natural disasters and other major health epidemics.