About Us

At SaferMom, our mission is to make maternal and newborn health safer, accessible and affordable.

What Is SaferMom?

SaferMom empowers pregnant and new mothers (with baby up to one year) to make informed health decisions via the use of ubiquitous mobile technology ( SMS, voice call services and mobile app)

SaferMom helps mothers monitor and track the health of themselves and their newborn babies, antenatal care, immunization schedules for their babies, nutrition and behavioural routines seamlessly based on their fetal development stages. Irrespective of user’s type of phones, access to internet, languages or location, they can actively access all our content. SaferMom contents are presently available in English, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and Pidgin Languages.

The Problem We Are Solving

Distance barrier

Poor access to preventive health care

Increased cost of health care services

Health care illiteracy

Language barrier

Increased mortality rate