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Monitor and track your pregnancy and baby's development

Join 5000+ Nigerian pregnant and new mothers using SaferMom.

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Monitor your baby's growth

SaferMom helps you receive personalized messages about your pregnancy and baby’s development week-by-week. This helps you understand your changing body and what you should expect at every each stage.


SaferMom delivers reminders to keep track of immunization schedules and antenatal attendance milestones, doctor’s appointments, weekly baby development milestones and real-time feedback on your symptoms.

Improve your health outcomes

SaferMom empowers you with evidence based support as well as emotional support to get you prepared throughout your pregnancy and postnatal journey – helping you achieve a healthy pregnancy and baby.


Get immediate alerts and referrals to see your doctor or midwife if your symptoms indicate a health risk. Track possible symptoms - Learn which symptoms are common for each week of pregnancy.

Know how it all works

Providing life saving information to pregnant and nursing mothers

Interested in working with us?

SaferMom partners with NGOs, HMOs, Hospitals, Clinics, Governments Agencies, Healthcare Providers, and Diagnostics Centers who use our maternal engagement platforms to reach, engage and save the lives of pregnant women and newborns at different levels.

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The Queen's Young Leaders award is an initiative led by her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England to discover, celebrate and support 60 exceptional Innovations from across commonwealth.

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